Introducing Josephina and Bil. From the world of Greyhawk, Josephina’s family built the old elven cities which now stand abandoned. The elves were born from the blood of Corellon Larethain. This blood was spilt when Corellon banished the demoness Lolth from the sunlit realms and the tears of Sehanine Moonbow..Continue Reading

By Volantes Tolerance as defined by science is accepted amount of error, or expected error. As defined this way, bigotry would be defined as anything outside that range of tolerance. Given people and social normalcies vary so greatly, a numerical system cannot be implemented to judge the tolerance range ofContinue Reading

In the beginning, it was not God but a celestial fire that created the earth. There is no heaven or hell, only the light and the dark. Before that nothing had form, everything was empty. The first matter, or prima materia, was chaos and darkness. But out of the primordial chaos of the first matter, all created things emerged.Continue Reading