Introducing Josephina and Bil.

From the world of Greyhawk, Josephina’s family built the old elven cities which now stand abandoned. The elves were born from the blood of Corellon Larethain. This blood was spilt when Corellon banished the demoness Lolth from the sunlit realms and the tears of Sehanine Moonbow..

Bil, was fighting for freedom from oppression from the brutal dictator Noriega, when a blast hit and he was badly injured. At the same time, Josephina was summoning a protector to fight alongside me in a series of regional conflicts erupting into the continent-wide battle that eventually became the Greyhawk Wars. He was just a corporal, but by her graceā€¦ was given the rank of Sergeant.

Angry, for leaving his squad but out of love for the woman who saved him from his world, healing him from injuries that would have ended his life had he stayed where he was, Bil left Greyhawk with Josephina to begin a new life. Grey elves and humans cannot co-exist, least of all share their lives together. Bil was not supposed to be here and it went against the laws of nature.

Having been chosen to find a human soldier to protect the Fae by Corellon Larethian, Bil and Josephina were bequeathed Prima Materia as a place of sanctuary.